Receiving your photos


My turnaround time is less than seven days, but usually within 48 hours. I only provide clients with my best and most beautiful images. For me, creating professional photos is a multi-step process, so I am unable to share every image I take with you.

As a photographer, I want you to receive a refined collection of photographs. If there happen to be more frame-worthy photos than the number promised in your package, I will automatically provide them to you at no additional cost.

My packages offer a set number of images, but I nearly always send more than expected. Sometimes unplanned, spontaneous moments happen on the day, and I want you to have these photos too.

Downloadable files

I provide photographs as JPG files that can be printed in A3 at maximum quality. I do sell prints, including fine art prints and canvases. But you can definitely print your own with the files I provide you. Please be aware that all photos look slightly different in print than on a screen.

Editing and retouching

My editing and retouching process varies for each photo, and includes colour correction, light adjustment, and cropping. I retouch people’s skin as a good camera and lens can actually make skin appear rough and uneven. Also, most people have scratches and blemishes that coincidently appear on the day of a photoshoot!

More information

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