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Families choose me as their photographer because they want unique and powerful photos of the things that are most precious to them. They are ready for an experience that brings them closer together and lasts a lifetime. They believe the ordinary things in their daily lives are truly the most extraordinary.

Family photography in Adelaide

1. Mini storytelling session

Mini sessions are short and simple, while still ensuring you receive stunning images. They work best if you plan family activities at one location.

  • Two-hour session
  • 40 photographs as digital files
  • A set of 40 prints (4x6 or 4x5 inches)
  • Investment: $850

2. Half-day storytelling session

Document half-a-day of your life. Either pre-plan activities your family usually enjoy together, or be spontaneous and plan nothing at all. You can be at home or go to other locations as I will follow your family wherever you go during this session.

  • Four to five hours of photography
  • 80 photographs as digital files
  • A set of 80 prints (4x6 or 4x5 inches)
  • Investment: $1250

Bespoke artwork and storybooks

While your session fee includes digital files, I do have a professional partnership with a high-end printer. I can create fine art for your walls or a storybook for your shelf.

A bespoke storybook will become your children's favourite. They will be the stars in their own adventures, and you won't mind reading it to them every night. Later, when your children leave home, you will still read that book by yourself.

Photographic artwork

The experience

My sessions are not like traditional family photoshoots. Everyone can wear comfortable clothes and nobody is forced to smile. Children don't need to "last the whole session", and I don't expect a clean and perfect house.

I won't change people or the environment. I don't turn lights on or move furniture. I chat with families throughout a photoshoot because it helps people relax and be themselves, so I am not a "fly on the wall". However, I don't interact with people to influence the photos.

My photoshoots can even be enjoyable. All you need to do is relax and hang out with people who love you. After a while, you may even forget I'm there.

Receiving your photographs

All photographs are individually edited. I send high-resolution digital files that you can download, share online and print yourself. Most photographs are in colour with some in black and white.

Family photography in Adelaide

Frequently answered questions

Do you have a question? Please read my family photography FAQ (PDF), but don't hesitate to contact me if you can't find an answer.

Pre-session questionnaire

I like to become familiar with families before a photoshoot as this helps me deliver more personal photographs. Please view my questionnaire:

Family photography questionnaire (PDF)

Family photography questionnaire (DOC)

Family photography in Adelaide

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