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I am a photographer in Goolwa, also available in Victor Harbor and Fleurieu Peninsula. I travel to Adelaide for family photography. My specialty is portraits – children, babies, adults and animals.

Family photography adelaide Photographer, Victor Harbor

I believe in honest and vivid photographs, that capture people at naturally flattering angles. I chase texture and colour for the background of my images, mostly from nature.

My art is creating positive emotions. I want people to feel good about themselves, and be inspired by the photos I take of them. I want them to feel confident when they share their images with others, and delighted by the responses they receive.

Photography galleries

Please view galleries, with my samples of my work as a photographer:

Photographer, Goolwa Photographer, Victor Harbor

Photoshoot locations

I prefer scenic, outdoor locations with natural light, however I also shoot indoors. I visit clients at home for newborn, lifestyle and family documentary photography.

Goolwa, Victor Harbor & Fleurieu Peninsula

I am blessed to be a photographer in Goolwa, as I live on a beautiful, scenic coastline. The beaches are ideal for photoshoots, and the river and rural areas offer endless possibilities. Many of my clients travel here for their photos to be taken, because of the stunning environment. I am available in my local area for styles of photography, featuring people or pets.

Family photography in Adelaide

I travel as a photographer to Adelaide, for half-day family photography sessions. These last for at least a few hours, but the pace is extremely relaxed. I can visit you at home or a fun location, for lifestyle photography, or family documentary photography. These images are mostly candid and spontaneous to capture a 'day in the life' of your family.

Pricing and packages

All photography packages include a pre-session consultation over email or phone, and high-resolution, edited images as digital downloads - in both colour and black and white. I always provide digital files so you can print images yourself, but I can provide a quote for prints and products if requested.

Mini Session - $250

10 images & 1 to 1.5 hour photoshoot

Standard Session - $350

20 images & 1 to 2 hour photoshoot

Half Day Session - $550

50 images & 3 to 5 hour photoshoot

Photographer, Goolwa Family photography adelaide Photographer, Victor Harbor

Session information

Receiving your photos

My turnaround time is less than seven days, but usually within 48 hours. I only provide clients with my best and most beautiful images. For me, creating professional photos is a multi-step process, so I am unable to share every image I take with you. As a photographer, I want you to receive a refined collection of photographs. If there happen to be more frame-worthy photos than the number promised in your package, I will automatically provide them to you at no additional cost.

Downloadable files

I provide photographs as JPG files that can be printed in A3 at maximum quality. I do sell prints, including fine art prints and canvases, if requested. But you can definitely print your own with the images I provide you. Please be aware that all photos look slightly different in print than on a screen.

Editing and retouching

My editing and retouching process varies for each photo, and includes colour correction, light adjustment, and cropping. I retouch people’s skin as a good camera and lens can actually make skin appear rough and uneven. Also, most people have scratches and blemishes that coincidently appear on the day of a photoshoot!

The day of the photoshoot

A photographer's favourite time for outdoor portraits is early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening. Families usually choose mid-morning because that seems to be a sensible time, but bright light causes harsh face shadows. If you do choose a sunny period, embrace the look by wearing bright, summery clothing.

Indoor photography can be taken at any time, but I usually prefer the hours when window light is the brightest.

I completely understand that some days don’t work. Rain can pour down, or your baby can wake up sick. Rescheduling for any reason is fine, if you provide at least two hours notice. I love photographing on cloudy, drizzling days and some of my best shoots have been with storms approaching – but the choice is yours.

At the start of the photoshoot we meet at our designated location and have a quick chat. Session durations are flexible, allowing everyone to relax. If you have young children, I can work faster or slower, depending on their needs and interests.

I start by taking test shots, to check the light and camera settings. I do this throughout a session, if the light, location, or style of photography changes.

I then start working towards our goals. The photos that are most important to you will be taken first, however we can mix up the order if we need to. As your photographer, the most important thing to me is everyone is happy and relaxed. Photographs look better when people feel comfortable and know it is okay to be themselves.

Photographer, Goolwa Photographer, Victor Harbor


5 star reviews and ratings can be viewed on my Google listing.

“I really enjoyed the photoshoot with Keeta, she is a real amazing artist/photographer and a blessing to work with... I feel like she captures unique shots that portray a real essence of true visual beauty that others may miss.” – Terri-lei

“Keeta is a photographer who finds the memory in something forgettable, the warmth in anything, and magic in the mundane.” – Jeremy

“Amazing photographer! Creative ideas and incredible quality of photos. Keeta has also made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Amazing job!” – Klaire

Family photography Adelaide Photographer, Victor Harbor

Let’s create

If you are considering hiring me, I would love to answer any questions you may have. I welcome all enquiries.

I am friendly and aim to make people comfortable during every stage of their journey with me as their photographer.