Portrait & Family Photographer | Adelaide & Goolwa

I am a portrait and family photographer working in Adelaide, Goolwa and surrounding areas. I specialise in taking photos of people in scenic, outdoor locations – including children, babies, adults and animals.

I believe in honest and vivid photographs, that capture people at naturally flattering angles. I chase texture and colour for the background of my images, mostly from nature.

photograph by Keeta Williams, an Adelaide photographer

My art is creating positive emotions. I want people to feel good about themselves, and be inspired by the photos I take of them. I want them to feel confident when they share their images with others, and delighted by the responses they receive.

Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula & Goolwa

I always prefer outdoor locations with natural light, however I also visit clients at work and home. I work as a photographer in Adelaide, my local area of Goolwa and Victor Harbor, Adelaide Hills and Murray Bridge.

Family photography

As a photographer and a mother, I cherish natural images of people who love each other. Everyone has their own definition of what a family looks like, but for me it is the people (and pets) who know each other better than anyone else. I photograph family portraits, children, and babies and newborns. For lovers of candid and real-life photography, I offer sessions in family documentary photography.

Families want photos for many reasons, to document events and achievements, capture fleeting moments, and celebrate messy cake smashes. The most important things in life are the little things we share with loved ones – and these are the things that will make us smile as we grow old.

family photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams family photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams

Portrait photography

My passion is people, all types of people. We live in a highly visual society and there are more and more reasons to need a professional portrait or headshot of yourself. My goal is to photograph my clients in flattering ways that emphasises their positive physical features and personality traits.

portrait photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams portrait photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams

Receiving your photos

My turnaround time is less than seven days, but usually within 48 hours. I only provide clients with my best and most beautiful images. For me, creating professional photos is a multi-step process, so I am unable to share every image I take with you. I want you to receive a refined collection of photographs. If there happen to be more frame-worthy photos than the number promised in your package, I will automatically provide them to you at no additional cost.

Downloadable files

I provide photographs as JPG files that can be printed in A3 at maximum quality. Many canvas printers however, can enlarge your images to a much greater size. I don’t sell prints or books myself, but you can definitely print your own with the images I provide you. Please be aware that all photos look slightly different in print than on a screen.photography in Adelaide

Editing and retouching

My editing and retouching process varies for each photo, and includes colour correction, light adjustment, and cropping. I retouch people’s skin as a good camera and lens can actually make skin appear rough and uneven. Also, most people have scratches and blemishes that coincidently appear on the day of a photoshoot!

The day of the photoshoot

The best time to take family photos and individual portraits is early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening. Families usually choose mid-morning because that seems to be a sensible time, but bright light causes harsh face shadows. If you do choose a sunny period, embrace the look by wearing bright summery clothing.

I completely understand that some days don’t work. Rain can pour down, or your baby can wake up sick. Rescheduling for any reason is fine, if you provide at least two hours notice. I love photographing on cloudy, drizzling days and some of my best shoots have been with storms approaching – but the choice is yours.

Child, baby and newborn photography

I am experienced with child and baby photography, and hold a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. To improve the safety of newborn photography, I am immunised against whooping cough.

I use positive strategies to encourage children to smile during a photoshoot. I want them to feel comfortable, have fun, and enjoy being with their family.

family photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams


5 star reviews and ratings can be viewed on my Google listing and Facebook Page.

“I really enjoyed the photo shoot with Keeta, she is a real amazing artist/photographer and a blessing to work with. I was pleased with all of my pictures and use them for my beauty pageant applications and in my portfolio. I feel like she captures unique shots that portray a real essence of true visual beauty that others may miss.” – Terri-lei

“Keeta finds the memory in something forgettable, the warmth in anything, and magic in the mundane.” – Jeremy

“Amazing photographer! Creative ideas and incredible quality of photos. Keeta has also made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Amazing job!” – Klaire

portrait photography in Adelaide, by Keeta Williams

Pricing and packages

My family photography and portraiture sessions cost between $250 and $550, including edited, high-resolution digital files. You will receive two sets of photographs in both colour and black and white. The package you choose will depend where you are located in Adelaide or South Australia, the purpose of your photos, and the number of images you require.

Please view my list of photography prices and packages (PDF) for 2019. You are also welcome to request a personalised quote.

Let’s collaborate

If you are considering hiring me, I would love to answer any questions you may have. I am friendly and flexible, and aim to make people comfortable during every stage of their journey with me as their photographer.