My story

My life


I live in Goolwa Beach, South Australia. I am a mother to one human baby and four fur and feather babies, which brings me immeasurable amounts of joy.

I am a professional photographer. But when not working, my days are filled with playing, making art, listening to music, growing lemons and tomatoes, and collecting chicken eggs.

My favourite movies are Kill Bill II, and Gran Torino (anything with Clint Eastwood). My favourite books are by John Marsden and Michael Ende. I travelled extensively when I was younger, and my favourite places are Russia, Mongolia, Japan and Laos.

I’ve trained and competed in martial arts, which has taught me about people and myself. The greatest lessons in life come from the greatest challenges.

I cherish minimalism and simplicity. To me, happiness involves eating sashimi and green tea ice cream.

Keeta Williams

Keeta Williams. Photograph by Boem Headshots.


Photography was an unexpected career path for me. My background is in media, design and marketing. I still work occasionally as a freelance copywriter.

My work required me to take my own photos, for websites and social media. My mobile phone quality was appalling, so I bought a DSLR. I already understood the fundamentals of design and visual arts, but embraced the learning curve of cameras and photography. I fast-tracked my studies with private tuition, experimentation, and intensive practice.

I transitioned into professional photography for portraits and families. Being a photographer has opened my mind, and given me a greater respect for life. I appreciate how it has pulled me away from computer screens, to hang outdoors on a beautiful beach - with awesome people, fresh air and sunshine.

I have completed university studies in visual arts and Internet communications. I am a student of Australian Film Television and Radio School, and have a degree and postgraduate studies in early childhood education. I like learning, and somehow all of my different qualifications help in my work as a photographer.

I am not conventional. My future plans are exploring new and innovative ways to take portraits. My list of creative techniques is growing, as I explore fine art photography and multimedia artworks that include drawing and collage.

My true passion is solid and simple though - taking flattering photos of ordinary people. Receiving a photo of yourself that you actually like is powerful. That is the feeling I want to give my clients.