Living in a non-virtual world

I have recently settled into a new town – a very small town. The experience has reminded me how important real life relationships are in business, even if the majority of your business is online.

I have always pushed a human-centric approach to digital communications and online marketing, which values genuine relationships. I believe in being aware that breathing, thinking and feeling people are behind every computer screen. Sometimes that is easy to forget when you stare at your screen for too long.

Living in a small town has shown me the pleasure of people who have time to stop for conversations in the street, people who help each other, and community spirit.

Businesses thrive on trusting relationships, and everyone can benefit from connecting with more people face to face. I may never be perfect with this, but I do try!

What is an ideas page?

My ideas page is an alternative approach to a traditional blog. It is a digital space for documenting my thoughts, with no feed or timeline. Information may not be in chronological order, and if an idea is no longer relevant it will simply be deleted.
In 2011, Jason Santa Maria presented a redesign of his website. His previous design had prevented him from writing frequent posts. He said, ‘in order to post something, I felt it couldn’t be short or just a quip on a topic, it had to be substantial. I fell into a design trap I unknowingly set for myself.’

As a solution, ‘he set things up so that posts on any length or scope could live together in the same stream of content.’ That is what I am doing here – providing myself a flexible and creative space to publish ideas that matter to me, and might be of interest to other people.

My ideas page lets me focus on awesome content, without the limitations of a traditional posts page or rigid content strategy. I like to experiment with new ways to communicate, so please visit again tomorrow. Who knows what you might find here.