Graphic Design

Graphic design services for regional South Australia Every graphic designer is a visual storyteller.

Let’s tell your story

I support businesses in regional South Australia with graphic design services. These include logo and business card design, and graphics for web pages and social media. I also provide services to digital and creative agencies throughout Australia.

I am a communication specialist with a creative team, including graphic designers, illustrators and visual artists. We work flexibly to meet the unique needs of both small businesses and established brands.

Graphic design services

My passion and focus is digital communication, which includes web design, email and social media. I also support businesses with small print design projects.

  • Brand identity – logos, letterheads, business cards
  • Social media – profile covers, advertisements, posts
  • Email – MailChimp newsletters, professional email signatures
  • Publications – ebooks, reports, booklets, brochures
  • Websites – banners, icons, backgrounds, infographics

Logo design

My services include logo design and visual identity design. Learn more, in branding and identity.
Logo design for Sparksy This logo was designed for Sparksy, an electrical business near Adelaide. They wanted a simple wordmark using a set colour scheme.


Illustration can bring a marketing concept to life, highlight your product, and or tell a story. I create some illustrations myself, and work other professional illustrators who have different visual styles.
Illustration of a fruit bowlA drawing of a bowl of fruit. Can I tell your brand story through pictures?

Business card design

Create a positive first impression with beautiful business cards. The design of your card represents you and your work, and is a valuable investment for professional networking.
Business card design This image showcases my own business card design. View more of my visual branding, in my portfolio.

My philosophy

Skilled graphic designers are flexible, and can adapt to different clients – but everyone has their own style. I work with designers who put communication and usability first.

Have you ever read a web page or document, where the text was too small? Has an advertisement attracted your attention, but was misleading and lacked information? My designers are focused on delivering your business messages clearly and authentically – without fluff or fuss.

I have a personal love for typography, colour palettes, composition and white space. Graphic design excites me, as one of the most beautiful things in the world. I enjoy sharing its possibilities with people.

Graphic design is a marketing tool

Graphic designers plan and communicate ideas by combining illustrations, photographs and text. Illustrators create and draw images that communicate ideas. They both use visual design to help their clients achieve their business goals, and communicate with their target markets.

Hire a graphic designer as part of your marketing plan, to improve your professionalism and likeability. Humans are visual creatures and respond well to visual communication. Good graphic design is a powerful marketing tool, and will generate new leads and sales.

How I work

I work personally with my clients, one on one. I gather all the information and research for the design brief, and then partner with my graphic designers to deliver the end result. Choosing me offers the benefits of a complete design team, but you will always have one person to talk to.

I am available to meet in person in some areas of South Australia. Alternatively, you can chat to me via phone, email or video conference, from anywhere in the world.

Estimated rates

Each project is unique and requires a quote, but please use these rates as estimates. Graphic designers and illustrators can also be hired on an hourly basis.

  • Professional logo research, planning and design – $650 to $975.
  • Logo refinement or design from an existing concept – $170 to $375.
  • Business card design – $170 to $340.
  • Flyers, pamphlets and brochure design – $170 to $550.
  • Social media cover design – $170 to $300.
  • Illustration – from $300.


Please view my portfolio, that showcases all my work in digital communication. The majority of these projects involve graphic design, illustration, web design and or branding.A graphic designer thinks visualHow can your business benefit from thinking visual? Let’s chat about new ways to communicate.

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Learn more about my work in digital communication, and my professional experience. If you are ready to chat, I am here! Contact me.