My Professional Experience

I have been planning, creating and publishing online content since 1995.

In the beginning…

I worked as a radio announcer, and hosted programs connected with Internet technologies, including Triple J’s Net 50. I produced an online radio program promoting Australian music in the USA, and wrote as a journalist for Telstra’s progressive music blog, ATN.

Small business, copywriting and SEO

I then found a new love. My focus changed from radio and music to small business. I worked as a freelance copywriter for entrepreneurs, composing web content, blogs, newsletters and social media posts. For several years all my projects related to search engine optimisation, and I learned many interesting tactics from the SEO agencies that hired me.

Studying the Internet

Studying Internet Communications at Curtin University, allowed me to refine my web design and coding skills, while discovering the possibilities in art, animation and multimedia content. I also gained academic insight into how and why people use the Internet – to buy, sell, learn, and connect with like-minded communities.

Taking photos

I never planned to become a photographer, but I needed to create visual content for my website. After my daughter was born, I took photos of her. I was suddenly being recommended as a family portrait photographer, so I created a professional portfolio.

My work today…

I continue to work as a portrait photographer, but my primary work is as a digital communication and marketing specialist.

I am committed to utilising my diverse skills and experience to make the Internet a more beautiful place to live, work and play. I am increasingly offering new communications and marketing services to my preferred clients – businesses in regional South Australia, and creative agencies in Australia and overseas.