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Copywriter in Adelaide

I am a copywriter near Adelaide. I work with businesses, and as a freelancer for local and international agencies. My services are cost-effective and flexible, with fast turnaround times and impressive results.

I write website content, but also look at the bigger picture. I can help my clients plan, organise and label their content, to boost user experience and SEO rankings.

Copywriting services

Most of my copywriting projects relate to websites and the Internet. My services are for:

  • web pages, landing pages and blogs
  • ecommerce product descriptions
  • video and podcast scripts
  • social media content
  • online advertisements
  • emails and newsletters.

As a copywriter, I specialise in the web

Copywriters write for advertising and marketing purposes. I specialise in marketing content for websites, to attract and convert customers. I have an in-depth understanding of online communication, and how it differs from offline communication. I know the style of writing that the web demands.

Internet users have short attention spans, and copywriting should quickly meet their needs. I help and inspire website visitors, to retain their interest and answer their questions. My writing is clear and concise, without fluff or fuss.

I want your content to be well-structured, easy to read, and true to your brand. Many copywriters say they are clever and witty, while I believe great writing is hardly noticed at all.

I love SEO

Search engine optimisation is fundamental to my work as a copywriter. I want readers to love my content, but I also want them to find it.

I am experienced with complex websites, and local SEO for businesses in Adelaide. I provide these services:

  • SEO-friendly copywriting – pages and blogs
  • metadata – titles, descriptions and tags
  • structured data – microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD,
  • naming – images and files
  • labelling – categories and tags
  • information architecture – planning, mapping and structuring website content.
Keeta Williams is a copywriter in Adelaide

My professional experience

I have two decades of experience in writing and communications, and have published to the Internet from the very beginning.

I have been a copywriter for small businesses and SEO specialists, but I have also worked as a journalist for Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax.

Portfolio samples

The best way to judge a copywriter is by their portfolio, so please view these examples as PDF files:


I usually charge per 100 words, with different rates for different types of writing. The main influence on price is the amount of research and planning required.

$10 per 100 words:

  • blogging
  • rewriting
  • ecommerce product descriptions.

$25 per 100 words:

  • blogging with research
  • web page copywriting
  • video and podcast scripts
  • emails and newsletters
  • social media content.

$35 per 100 words

  • strategic and branded website copywriting
  • online advertisements.

How I work

I want to be easy to work with. This means being flexible, friendly, and positive about new ideas. I confirm requirements through email, rather than a formal brief. My clients usually prefer this, and I find the approach more personable. I always ask questions and seek clarification, but my correspondence for each assignment is unique.

To ensure my clients are completely happy, I start by sending a small section of writing, before continuing with the rest. Some people don't know exactly what they like or dislike – until they see it written down.

I accept unusual requests, including tiny tasks, bulk orders, and last-minute jobs. My schedule can be juggled to provide quick turnarounds, so don't be nervous. Just ask!

Payment is usually made in advance, via bank transfer or PayPal, however large projects are broken into milestones. Accounts can be arranged for agencies outsourcing their work to me – digital agencies, website designers, and media outlets.

My availability in Adelaide

I live near Adelaide. I usually work remotely from home, and communicate with clients via phone, email, and or online collaboration tools. When required, I can provide face-to-face services as a copywriter in Adelaide. I can attend meetings and or work onsite. Hire a copywriter in Adelaide

How I can help

A copywriter can help your business attract new customers and achieve important marketing goals. I am a multi-skilled and experienced copywriter. I can help you:

  • refine your brand, with copywriting that inspires consumer trust and loyalty
  • attract new website visitors through Google, by optimising your existing content or creating new pages and blogs
  • reach your audience, with an Adelaide copywriter who understands the culture and idiosyncrasies of Australian target markets
  • explain complex ideas using straightforward, easy-to-understand words
  • rewrite your own writing, bringing life and purpose to dull content
  • save time by hiring a quick and competent professional – instead of struggling to write everything yourself.

Let's collaborate

If you think we can work well together, I’d love to answer any questions and or provide a fixed quote. Please contact me, and we’ll have a chat.