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Keeta Williams is an SEO copywriter in Adelaide, Australia

I am a multi-skilled website copywriter. I write content and blogs, but I also look at the bigger picture. I can help my clients plan, organise and label their content, to boost user experience and SEO results.

I work with businesses in Adelaide and regional South Australia, and as a freelance copywriter for Australian and international agencies. My services are cost-effective and flexible, with fast turnaround times and impressive results.

Copywriting services

  • Website copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce product descriptions
  • Video and podcast scripts
  • Social media content
  • Online advertisements
  • Emails and newsletters

SEO copywriting

Search engine optimisation is fundamental to my website copywriting. I want readers to love my content, but I also want them to find it. As an experienced SEO copywriter, I provide these services:

  • SEO-friendly content – pages and blogs
  • metadata – titles, descriptions and tags
  • structured data – microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD,
  • naming – images and files
  • labelling – categories and tags
  • information architecture – planning, mapping and structuring content.

Professional experience

I have two decades of experience in writing and communications, and have published to the Internet from the very beginning. Most of my copywriting projects have been for small businesses and SEO specialists, but I have also worked as a journalist for Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax.

Keeta Williams is a copywriter

Samples of my work

The best way to judge a copywriter is by their work, so please view these portfolio samples as PDF files:

Copywriting rates

I usually charge per 100 words, with different rates for different types of copywriting. The main influence on price is the amount of research and planning required.

$7 per 100 words:

  • basic blogging
  • basic rewriting
  • ecommerce product descriptions

$14 per 100 words:

  • blogging with research
  • basic website copywriting
  • video and podcast scripts
  • emails and newsletters
  • social media content.

$20 per 100 words

  • strategic and branded website copywriting
  • online advertisements.

Additional information

Structured data writing is $10 per page, and title tags and descriptions are at the same rate as the page content.

These rates include two sets of revisions, but most of my clients are happy with the first draft. Telephone meetings are not included in these rates, but can be arranged if required. Face-to-face meetings are also available in Adelaide, Goolwa, and Fleurieu Peninsula.

Keeta Williams is a website copywriter in Adelaide, Australia

Let's collaborate

I am easy to work with. I provide a positive attitude, speedy turnarounds, and quality results. I accept tiny and large jobs, and ongoing assignments.

If you think we can work well together, I’d love to answer any questions and or provide a fixed quote. Please contact me, and we’ll have a chat.