Branding for Keeta Williams

I rebranded my business for the start of 2018. I wanted a calm, sophisticated style, that also offered flexibility.

I chose the typography and created the colour palette myself. I worked with my graphic designer on my logo and business card design.


Libre Baskerville and Libre Franklin. These are common fonts and easily accessible for free, but I adore them, especially together.
Typography for my brand identityTypography for my brand identity


I love pink, but I’m not girly. These colours represent my personality well.
Branded colour palette


This pattern features my logo and colour palette, and can be used as a social media cover. Pattern

Business card

I wanted my business cards to represent honest, authentic and personal communication. I was very pleased with the results, and always receive positive comments.
Business card design


Thanks to Boem Headshots in Adelaide, for my headshot photography. Headshot photography by Boem Headshots, Adelaide